Warm congratulations to Jiangsu Taifeng on joining the CCCC

Jiangsu Taifeng Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

(Standing committee unit, member number: GCX01910121)

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Jiangsu Taifeng Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

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Jiangsu Taifeng Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a domestic industrial washing equipment manufacturer. It is committed to the research and development and manufacturing of washing technology and provides users with excellent industrial washing equipment. The main products are: industrial washing machines, automatic washing machines, self-tilting automatic washing machines, sanitary isolation washing machines, dehydration machines, dryers, ironing machines, dry cleaning machines, folding machines, cloth feeding machines, etc. Used in hotels, hospitals, hotels, textiles, clothing and washing industries. The company focuses on the development of China’s washing industry, continuously learning and absorbing advanced technologies at home and abroad, and has accumulated rich experience in the design and manufacture of washing equipment. Relying on the concept of excellence, excellent quality, perfect after-sales service system, and continuous innovation, it has been praised by people inside and outside the industry.

Post time: Dec-01-2019

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