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Jiangsu Taifeng Machinery Manufacturing Co., ltd. is a large washing equipment manufacturer with registered capital of 45.2 million Yuan. The company is a member of Light Industry Machinery Association, and is located Taizhou City, Jiangsu Province - the hometown of Chairman Hu Jintao. Our company is situated in the Yangtze River Delta Region.  The company is specialized in producing industrial washing equipment, which is the good choice brand for hotels, hospitals, restaurants, textiles, clothing and washing industry.

It is specialized in the production of equipment used in the laundries of hotels, restaurants and so on. There are more than 10 categories and more than 50 series of machinery, such as industrial washing machines, washer extractors, dryer machines, ironing machines, dry-cleaning machines, folding machines, ironing machines, diesel generators, etc. Our products have excellent performance and sell well all over the country as well as in foreign markets.

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