20th anniversary of Taifeng company

On May 28, 2016, Taizhou, which was drizzling, ushered in the leaders of enthusiastic washing and dyeing industry associations across the country and representatives of well-known dyeing and dyeing companies from all over the country. They gathered together for the 20th anniversary of the establishment of Taizhou Century Taifeng Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Manufacturing Company. one class.

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It is understood that more than 200 friends from all over the country participated in the meeting and congratulated Tai Feng on his 20th birthday. The guests who attended the event were the leaders of China Dyeing and Dyeing Committee of the China Business Association, the leaders of Jiangsu Dyeing and Dyeing Industry Association, the leaders of Taizhou Dyeing and Dyeing Industry Association, and the leaders of the Dyeing and Dyeing Industry Association from all over the country. Taifeng’s leadership team and all staff welcomed the guests with a warm and full spirit.

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At the meeting, the deputy general manager of Taifeng first extended a warm welcome to all guests. He said that through the continuous efforts of the company’s employees and the support of sales offices in various places, Taifeng has achieved rapid and steady development. Subsequently, Xie Donglin, president of the Taizhou Dyeing Industry Association, spoke on behalf of the Taizhou Industry Association. He said: Taifeng is one of Taizhou’s largest washing machine manufacturers and is proud of Taizhou. In addition, Zhou Zhanping, president of the Jiangsu Dyeing Industry Association, expressed his hope that Taifeng will continue to provide high-quality washing equipment as the vanguard of washing machine manufacturers.

Finally, Mr. Luan Zhongcheng, Chairman of Taizhou Century Taifeng Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Manufacturing Company, delivered a speech. He said: Today is the 20th anniversary of the establishment of Taifeng Company. Today, 20 years ago, it has the reputation of “a humanities, a state of Xiangtai” In Taizhou City, an inconspicuous small factory was born—Taifeng Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Manufacturing Factory. It was this ugly duckling that was not well-known at the time. After 20 years of hard work and entrepreneurship by all the employees of Taifeng, the tireless pursuit of hard work Today, it has grown into the largest washing machine manufacturing group in Taizhou.

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The development process of Taifeng Enterprise can be said to be the epitome of the growth and development of China’s modern washing machine manufacturing industry. Under the baptism of the reform and opening up, China’s modern washing machine industry has developed rapidly. Nowadays, Taifeng has developed into a large-scale washing machine manufacturing group company that mainly focuses on washing machine manufacturing, integrating washing cleaning and technical consulting, and production and research and development of generator sets. The company mainly produces industrial washing machines, automatic washing machines, and sanitary isolation. Washing machines, 8 series, 20 varieties and more than 100 specifications. The products are not only used by nearly a thousand hotels, restaurants and large laundry factories across the country, but also hospitals, railways, military units and institutions of higher learning have adopted our equipment.

During the celebration, Taifeng Company also invited Mr. Wang Chaoyi, the principal of Beijing Nikko Laundry Training School, to give a lecture on “How to choose the washing chemicals suitable for your own company”, which was warmly welcomed by the audience. Mr. Wang Chaoyi at the scene said, “We want to contribute to the green with a brand new image of the laundry industry!”

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The atmosphere of the celebration party was extremely warm.

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In addition, Mr. Luan Zhongcheng, chairman of Taizhou Century Taifeng Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Manufacturing Company, said in an interview with Xieren.com that the company currently has more than 100 production and sales employees, with an annual output value of more than 40 million yuan. When asked what has made the company stronger and bigger since its establishment 20 years ago, Mr. Luan said, “In fact, there is nothing special, but always with gratitude, adhere to the concept of integrity, and do things with heart.”

Post time: May-28-2016

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